I’m supposed to be working on a private curriculum project and preparing for my mathsconf25 talk, so naturally I had an idea about something completely unrelated and I’m running with it. Call it organic interleaving.

So, a very brief summary follows.


The research into retrieval and spaced interleaving is out there and will justify why this might work somewhere.

All subjects will have a record of the key knowledge that they expect students to have secured, and when.

Store these in quiz form, centrally, and select five questions (the original ten is too many) from five subjects each day, week, lesson etc.

In tutor time, display, answer and then discuss these questions.

In lessons, drop questions from other subjects into your retrieval session

In Key Stage 4, students of a particular subject can explain the concepts to those who aren’t.


Students benefit from the retrieval effect and from the interleaving: an unexpected change in concept rather than interleaving in its truest sense (discovering and connecting links to other areas).

Students benefit from living the idea that “revision” is something you do as you go along.

Students realise that the disciplines do not exist in isolation.

Tutors benefit from a better idea of what their students are studying and where their difficulties lie.

Subjects benefit from better retrieval of key ideas.


Giant shared spreadsheet. Drop questions in tagged with Subject, Year group, Week, Month, Answer.

Turns out people are already doing this, of a sort. Mechanisms such as Carousel Learn from @adamboxer1 and others can be adjusted to achieve this, or Tom Riley @riley_ed does this in his school using Google Sheets.

I’m going to investigate further. Just not right now!

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